Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Quickie

The plan today: run a few errands (including buying shoes that I need for my outdoor cardio class starting NEXT WEEK - Gah.) then go pick up L so we can spend some time at the wading pool before dinner. No plans to update my blog, but the siren call of our shiny new iMac sucked me in again.

Is there an app for that? (Will that joke ever get old? Apparently not.)

We did a little St. Jean celebrating yesterday morning before the rain hit and participated in a do-it-yourself face painting workshop at our neighbourhood fête.

See? That's a butterfly!

I would like to say that I painted that extra chin on myself, but sadly, no. This photo has been brought to you by my friends at Haagen-Daas. And all these recent quips about my weight have been brought to you by my other friends, HORMONES! Please ignore them.

Artistically placed purple heart on her forehead. Avant-garde, my friends.
That's French for "mad skilz."

Grateful that she's at the age where almost everything I do is cool. I hear that doesn't last forever (what??).

So, yeah. Getting up now to clean up and head out to get some shoes. And probably some non-yoga-pants workout gear. If you follow me on Twitter/FB, you already know that I was equal parts thrilled and traumatized by my official sign up for my Cardio Plein Air course that starts next week. Thrilled to be actually DOING IT and traumatized to have witnessed part of an actual class which involved a lot of people sweating and the instructor screaming at them to RUN SLACKERS RUN! Luckily that class was a Boot Camp. I won't be going to the Boot Camp class. Not yet.

Otherwise, hoping to get to Toy Story 3 this weekend and to church, for a change. Liliane's current favourite bedtime story is Jonah and the Beeeeg Fith or Grosse Baleine. She's completely fascinated by the idea of someone being swallowed by a whale. Toddlers are so much fun.

Speaking of fun, one of my new favourite bloggers (Under the Highchair in my blog list) posted a link to a recipe for pita bread that you can make with your kids! Not sure if it will work with MY kid, but I want to give it a try. Here's hoping I can get the dough on the tray and into the oven before she tries to eat it all.

UPDATE: My Grandmother's health is improving steadily. Thank you all for your support! Looks like she and my Grandfather will be moving to an assisted care facility pretty soon, so the next big step is to ensure that they can be as close to each other as possible. I'm coming to terms with the whole idea since it's nice knowing that they will be around lots of other people and that they will be even closer to their kids and grandkids. It's all good. Or it will be.


Vanessa Z. said...

Awww... thanks for the early morning laughs!! Love your posts and your ADORABLE little L. :o)

maguiresaunt said...

Well, you've scared me off boot camp!! LOL

Love the second pretty and happy. :o)

Shawna said...

Thanks for the update an all things you! Have a great weekend!

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