Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sicky McBarferson + Spring Spruce Up

Since it's been at least five months since anyone puked around here, Liliane took it upon herself to get the flu Saturday. Stéphane and I were actually out at his niece's wedding when it all went down (or came up!) so Pierre and Ariel were treated to the full toddler barf-o-rama. But don't worry! The fun continued every couple of hours through the night so we got our rightful parental share.

So we had a rough night which lead to a laaaazzy Sunday. Despite the gorgeous summery weather, I didn't actually go outside once. I looked outside admiringly, even longingly while my fevery baby lolled on my lap. Stéphane, however ventured out to get Liliane her very first tricycle and this nifty helmet:

She's been wearing it ever since he got home. Note the stylish Dora bandaid on her forehead. Her way of curing her headache, no joke. I know, she's a genius.

I think it's best to share the head-to-toe effect of her chosen ensemble for Sunday:

Underwear + Dora bandaids + bike helmet = sick chic.

Hero Papa brought these home as well:

Yep, Dora thongs. Notice a theme?

So enough about barf, let's talk new stuff.

These curtains came with our place when we bought it last year:

Nice, in a Chinese brothel kind of way. (I won't tell you which house guest came up with that description that I have actually TONED DOWN for my readers, you wouldn't believe me anyway.)

Colorful, but really not right.

After hunting all over the place, we chose these from Ikea. They don't look like much in the package (kind of like Mom-jeans from 1990, right?) But look what happens when you get a new silver curtain rod and hang them up:

Aaaaah. Isn't that nice?

Look! No more bawdy saloon lighting of any kind! Just serenity. Love it.

Since it is physically impossible to go to Ikea without spending the grocery money, a few more items found their way into our cart...

This tray literally screamed my name.

Theeerreessssaa! I am a fat bird tray in primary colours! Buy meeee!
And $7 later, my life was that much better.

Especially when I put it in the middle of our fancy new dining room table.

Hellloo handsome. I have dreaming of this moment forEVER. A real grown up, real wood table. With comfy chairs and everything. So great.

A fancy new table deserves a fancy new napkin holder.
OK, fancy might be an exaggeration, but it's kinda stylish, right? Another $7 well spent at Ikea.

So birds are a bit of a thing for me. My friend Sue painted this for us when Liliane was born. Isn't it purdy? It's not new but I'm including it in this post because I love it.

The lighting in our living room has been an ongoing discussion this year. I picked this little lamp up at Ikea and I love how it brightens up that corner.

Plus bonus butterfly shadow!

Yeah, so it would appear that orange has become our living room accent colour. I picked out these DVD storage boxes to seal the deal:

They go with this, another one of my favourite things:

This lamp was in my grandparents' den and I remember loving it as a kid.

We've been talking about getting L a table and chairs for ages. Surprise! Ikea has this very affordable set. Natch.

Frog cushions for $3.99? Okay!

And with that, (as my great-grandmother would have said) our spending pants are coming off. Not only off but they are getting packed away with the winter clothes.

Had a great holiday Monday at the Eco-Musée and Liliane is pretty much completely back to normal. Stéphane took some great photos there so I'll try and get back here to post those this week.

So how about those Habs? It was a valiant effort, right to the end. I admit that I don't mind that we're out. Certain members of this household are susceptible to MOOD CHANGES based on the success of their team, so I'm glad the emotional roller coaster is done! Although it was pretty cute hearing Liliane say " je veux garder du hockey Papa" and watching Stéphane's head pop off with joy.

Speaking of couch potatoes (who - huh?), I am going to sign up for an outdoor fitness class over the summer. It's called Cardio Plein Air and it's twice weekly workouts in Jarry Park which is about 12 minutes from our house by foot. I am mentioning it here so that I will be embarrassed if I fail to follow through. You hear me internet? Hold me accountable! I've had the feeling lately of wanting to get moving again beyond my daily walk to work and daycare and I love the idea of doing it outside. I'll keep you posted.

Have a good, short week everybody!


Vanessa Z. said...

Awesome!! Your dining room table is my fav! Oh the red curtains... looks like a firey start to the day with the sun shining through... oddly remeniscient of when we were on vacation with ORANGE curtains. Blue for the win!!

Carolee said...

Wow - non-stop fashion from beginning to end! What a clever girl to put a bandaid on her head. Love the new curtains and the dining room set is particularly gorgeous! The new bits and pieces are really nice, too - who'da thought you'd go for orange?! I'll be checking in with you about your class!

maguiresaunt said...

What a brilliant child...I'm going to try that next time I have a headache!

Adorn Me Jewelry said...


It all looks great, Theresa. Wonderful choices. I adore the Modern look of your place. It's Modern yet warm. Fabulous!

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