Sunday, 14 September 2008

Our Best Friend's Wedding (Warning: No Baby Pictures)

Montréal is battening down the hatches for the incoming Hurricane Ike leftovers (why do all the big, scary storms come when it's dark?) so if you don't hear from me over the next few days, please send cupcakes. And cute rubber rain boots.

Our friend Pierre married his sweetheart Ariel two weeks ago in an apple orchard outside of Montréal. Stéphane and I have been friends with Pierre since our first year in film school when we all wound up in the same film production class. I actually met Pierre first, then introduced him to Stéphane once I realized that they shared a deep and abiding affection for obscure Italian horror films (among many other less dorky interests).

We three have been friends for 12 years! Pierre and Ariel have been together for about 6 of those and we have had lots of good times with them as a couple. They recently moved not too far from our neighbourhood so now hanging out with them is not only fun, it's also super convenient :)

Stéphane was the Best Man so we had a few responsibilities that day. Our #1 priority was to get Pierre to the wedding on time and I am happy to say that we succeeded. Stéphane and I took Liliane to her grandparents' earlier that day so we were footloose and fancy free, if a little schvitzy - man it was hot.

The ceremony took place outdoors with the happy couple tucked into a japanese-lantern bedecked gazebo. The bride came down the rose petal-strewn aisle to the theme song from the French film Amélie Poulin and accompanied by her two parents. The weather was beautiful (although did I mention it was hot?) and aside from one or two issues (it wouldn't be a wedding without a couple of last minute problems!) things went pretty much according to Ariel's detailed, very organized plan. Stéphane stood by Pierre and handed over the rings when he was supposed to, I did a reading and took lots of pictures from my front row seat.

Ariel's stepfather performed the ceremony which was in turns touching and warm, romantic and funny.

Pierre got to break the glass at the end and he succeeded on his first try.

They went back up the aisle, officially hitched, to Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Cute.

The reception was in a tent at the same location so we guests got to hang out, drink champagne and nibble snacks as the sun started to go down.
Once the ceremony was over, Stéphane could relax until it was time for his speech. We took a bunch more pictures of the newlyweds with other friends and family and doused ourselves with bug repellant as the mosquitos came out to feast.

Pierre and Ariel came into the reception to the Rocky Theme (Ariel said that she felt compelled to compromise on a couple of things, it was Pierre's wedding too after all...) and to get them to kiss? Each table had a set of movie trivia questions that had to be answered correctly. Turns out we were a little more movie savvy than they thought so they spent a lot of their time doing this:

That cool floating candle thingy is now on our living room end table!

Don't we clean up good?
I made the decision to PUT THE CAMERA DOWN for the reception so that I would actually enjoy things as they happen in real life, not just through my lens. Stéphane made an excellent speech, dinner was great, we laughed, we danced, we had a great time.
We wish them lots of joy, happiness and a baby. Anytime now. Go for it. If we can do it, anyone can!
That's about it for the catching up. The whole work and daycare routine is still new so I'm scrambling a little during the week but if I can think of anything interesting to write about, I'll do my best to post. Looking forward to figuring out our new rhythm around here!
In the meantime, if anyone has any tips to share on how to make things run smoothly, please feel free to share! Comments make me so happy!

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Jennifer said...

woot whooo!! *that's me whistling*
Looks like a beautiful wedding! Congrats to the happy couple ;)

I miss talking to you everyday. Stupid back to work and back to school at the SAME TIME!!!

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