Monday, 8 September 2008

NOW I'm Ready (Halifax '08)

I had the whole afternoon set aside to blog on Friday but I had issues. Liliane was at daycare (bonus: Papa took her!) and I took the day to run errands but when I got home, darned if I could sit down and concentrate knowing that I was at home and she was at daycare and all I had to do was go pick her up. This whole "willy-nilly sitting down at the computer with no baby around" will take some getting used to.

I kept her home with me today so now that she is safely roaming around in the wires under my desk (??) here we go. I'm feeling a little rusty so I apologize for my whatever-the-opposite of-witty is writing.
We flew into Halifax on Sunday and drove directly to my dear friend Julie's house. She and her husband Kevin have two adorable children and they all made us feel very welcome.

They rocked at sharing.

Monday was beautiful and warm so we headed downtown to soak up some rays and eat fish and chips on the water.

That night Julie and I had dinner ALL BY OURSELVES. I can't even remember the last time we did that. For the record, I forced that glass of Pinot Grigio on her.

We went to the park with Julie and the kids and completely enjoyed ourselves:

I let Kecia take some pictures with our camera. This is my best angle.

Group photo. Aren't we all so cute?

Breakfast on the patio. Posh.

These photos are courtesy of Kevin's green thumb:

A pumpkin-to-be!

I just like this picture of my pensive, possibly scheming daughter. Plus she kind of looks like me for once, right?

Voilà! That was Halifax! Tuesday afternoon we said our goodbyes and packed up the rental car and hit the road for Toney River and the Langley family cottage.

Speaking of adorable (oh wasn't I? oh well ) ... I took this photo today. Doesn't she look like such a big girl? Sigh.

That's it for now. Must go rescue my child who is trying desperately to form the words "please take me to daycare" as I type this.
À bientôt!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun trip :) Cute tank top in the last picture ;)

mom said...

Such wonderful pics! Love the tug boat and it's alway nice to see Julie. Looks like a good time was had by all!

Jennifer said...

Tag yer it!! If you have a chance do the mom meme I tagged you for ;)

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