Tuesday, 16 September 2008

11 Months, etc.

Right about now 11 months ago Liliane was about to make her big, messy entrance into the world and that girl hasn't looked back since! I tried to take her 11-month portrait earlier tonight but I just wasn't having good photo karma. I know from experience that there's no point in pushing it, when your karma sucks, it sucks. I'll try again tomorow.

I took these on the weekend when we finally tried out our new MEC baby carrier. Stéphane was good for about half an hour, after that our baby's 20 pound frame started to weigh on him. Literally. It'll be great for the walk to daycare in the morning.

Remember back in March when we had our pal the squirrel scampering around between the roof and our ceiling? Our landlord put a trap up there (a live trap, chill out PETA) and we caught one!
That's our landlord Paola standing in our shower with her catch. We have a skylight in the bathroom which is the only access to that fantastical vermin playground.
Hey Maw, we kin have critter fricassee fer dinner!
Sadly, we are not allowed to kill the pesky little rascals so Paola took it far away to Parc Lafontaine where it can try to gnaw a hole in the roof of one of the high end apartments down there.
This is my last official week of maternity leave. Although I've been going into work most days for the past month almost, it was all kind of relaxed because I was only going because I wanted to. Now the end is looming and I'm feeling sad today. Sigh. Some days hanging out and watching my daughter try to eat lint from the carpet is the only thing I want to do.


Adorn Me jewelry said...

It's understandable, Theresa. Separation anxiety is common for most mothers I think. It sounds like you're both doing well, though, and you wisely made a transition, instead of doing it all at once. Still, I know it's hard. The best to you. :)

mom said...

Aww, poor babies - it did go by fast, didn't it? Although, it also seems like ages ago that I first came out to meet your little bundle. This will be a fun new chapter for all of you and, like you've said, she has all those kids to play with now!

Jennifer said...

:( I wanna sit and watch my neice try to eat lint from the carpet!

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