Monday, 15 October 2007

New Post #2! Tummy Photos from Last Week

I have been meaning to post these photos all week but I got a little caught up in baby preparation... Stéphane took these photos on Sunday before Thanksgiving - one of the last beautiful sunny fall days around here. We walked around our neighborhood and got inspired. Here are the results!

Actually, before we did that, we stopped for brunch after church on Bernard Street in Outremont. It was a truly beautiful afternoon and we just enjoyed watching the people, drinking our coffee and soaking up our last few days together as a family of two :)

Now here are the tummy pix:

Then we took these ones with the self-timer on the digital camera on our front balcony:

I think now that my baby belly has been well and soundly documented!


Shawna said...

Great photos --- Good for you for braving the elements and getting out there and catching some awesome shots of such a great time in your lives!

Shawna said...

She's out -- I just heard! Congratulations!

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