Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Another Shower and Baby Prep Continues...

So the day after our anniversary celebrations, I got hit with a sore throat and stuffy nose and even ended up staying home from work on Wednesday. We went to our second and final pre-natal class on Wednesday night which was really informative and we both left there feeling almost confident about everything to come.

I felt a little better on Thursday so I went back to work and it's a lucky thing I did! My amazing co-workers surprised me with a shower on Thursday afternoon at work. Someone was taking pictures of me as I realized what was happening but I haven't seen them and I'm sure I look ridiculous. Picture a very pregnant woman with a flushed, chubby face gasping and laughing in surprise and embarassment to not be better dressed.... That's how I looked.

We got some excellent presents: a swing, a gorgeous diaper bag, an adorable sleeper and even some luxury bath and shower products just for me! Plus they made a cake out of many, many size 1 diapers. Here are some photos of the loot:

The yellow sleeper outfit is from a writer than I work with who very, very sweetly had that sent to the office for me. It's hard to see in the photo but there's ducks all over it and a hat as well. Thank you again Sharon!

On Friday morning I had my first non-stress test at the hospital. Because of my almost-gestational diabetes, I have to go in weekly for a non-stress test until the baby is born. Basically I sit a in a big, comfy chair with my feet up, I get a monitor strapped to my tummy so we can hear the heartbeat and I have to click a button everytime she moves. The idea is to track her heartbeat when she moves. So far I've had two of these tests and, not to brag, but my daughter has done brilliantly :)

On Saturday our friend Manon came over with her daughter Luanna to give us her bassinette and a bunch of other stuff. Manon and Stéphane put the bassinette together while Luanna and I hung out and helped by taking things to the garbage or recycling. At least now if we have the baby before the furniture arrives, we'll have a place to put her!

Afterwards Manon and Luanna stayed for coffee and croissants although Luanna was happier with grape juice :)

On Sunday Stéphane and I took a Red Cross First Aid class all day. It was officially First Aid for Children, but we covered adults as well. It was super interesting and Stéphane and I both passed the exam, no problem. We are now certified for three years! As an added bonus, I now feel better about my choking phobia. I can not only help someone who is choking, I know what to do if my kid is choking AND I can do the Heimlich on myself if I have to! I know it's weird but I've wanted to know how to do that for ages.

Monday night we went to what will probably be the last time for a while. We saw a new documentary called "Québec sur ordonnance" which is a Michael Moore-style exposé of how Quebecers are taking too many pills and how the pharmaceutical companies are evil, etc. It was pretty good but the cocktail after was more fun. We went with our favorite premiere pals: Brigitte and Caroline. A lovely evening!

Tuesday night I went out for dinner with some gal pals - Julie my pregnant friend and lovely Caroline that I haven't seen for ages. We all used to work together and have kept in touch over the last year or so. Caro gave us an adorable outfit for next summer - I'm looking forward to it already! We chatted about everything (OK, mostly baby stuff) and enjoyed our tapas and virgin mango cocktails.

So tonight was exciting as well because our pal Jonathan came over and after we fed him a little dinner, he and Stéphane put up the chandelier in the baby room! Here are some photos:

We're so thrilled to finally have that done - thank you Jonathan! Once the furniture arrives this weekend, we will finally be able to finish setting the room up (and putting all of our gorgeous presents away!) and I'll post some pictures of the whole transformation.

That's about it for the moment. Another Dr. appointment tomorrow so we'll see where things are at. Friday is my last day at work... for almost an entire year! Hard to imagine but I am looking forward to being off now. I'm hoping baby doesn't have any plans to arrive early because I will need next week to finish getting ready and do some resting!


mom said...

Another nice haul! You'll love having the swing - a real 'Mother's little helper'.
And the chandelier is so pretty! The room is going to beautiful - I can hardly wait to see it in person!

Ruth H. said...

What a lovely chandelier and pink wall color... Your beautiful daughter will love every moment of it.

Theresa said...

Thank you Ruth! Now, I wonder where I got the idea... I promise to credit your good taste when I post the photos of the final product!

Jennifer said...

I'm tired just reading your blog! Are you finding time to rest??? I am excited to see the finished room!

Shawna said...

Awesome bassinette - I love that it's not the "traditional" kind and so nice that you don't have to buy one!

Super cute diaper bag nice of your co-workers - what a great surprise!

cousin kitty said...


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