Saturday, 6 October 2007

Last Day of Work and New Furniture

First I should mention that I had my weekly doctor appointment on Thursday and I am apparently dilated 1 centimeter. Now that doesn't actually mean much but it's sort of fun to know that my body is getting itself ready for what is coming. We'll see where we're at next Thursday!

I can hardly believe that I'm done working now... for the next 50 weeks! I had a great day yesterday, it was pretty relaxed. I brought fresh bagels and cream cheese for the office (always a good way to start the day) then finished up as many of my files as I could while transferring information to Paul, the guy who is replacing me. It's great because I know he's going to do a wonderful job and I am really leaving with a peaceful feeling.

A few of us girls went out for lunch at our favorite celebration spot, the ultra-cheesy resto Trois Amigos!

I'm going to miss you guys!
On Friday I also got a surprise delivery of a yummy bouquet of flowers from a legal firm that I deal with a lot. How sweet is that? Of course I took a picture:

Then Stéphane brought these home from work! They do a draw to give away the flowers from the reception desk at the end of every week and Stéphane charmed them into "drawing" his name since it was my last day of work and he knows what a nut I am for fresh posies :)
Love it!

This morning our crib and change table were delivered. The guys put together the crib on the spot and Stéphane put the change table together. You can see the finished product here:
Such a handy guy! I tried to nap while he was slaving away on this - I'm a little knocked out after my big, energetic day yesterday.
The dresser is a little late- they will probably deliver that on Tuesday or Wednesday. Once that gets here I'll finally be able to really put things away! In the meantime we'll get the crib set up and start stocking the change table with all those diapers... Then all we need is a rocking chair and we're done!
Tonight we're heading out to the movies with our friend Pierre. He has a pass for 3:10 to Yuma so we're going western! I really wanted to see it so I'm glad although Stéphane isn't super excited. He really wants to see "Into the Wild" but we'll do that on Monday. It's all about compromise, right?
Cold and rainy here in Montréal today, much more like fall. I'm really looking forward to this week. There are plenty of things to do around here but I also want to indulge a little in a pedicure, maybe a movie, lunch with friends, napping, whatever. I have a couple of things to get for the hospital so I'll finish that as well. I'm so hoping that our daughter doesn't have any plans to arrive early! If she's anything like her two parents, I highly doubt that :) She's doing lots of squirming and poking around these days. I suspect she's had the hiccups a couple of times although it's hard to tell.
That's it for today!

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