Sunday, 12 August 2007

Too Hot for Hot Air Balloons and Health Update

So we bailed out of hot air balloon watching last night in favour of spontaneously going out for sushi and to the movies. As a couple who has studied, works in and basically eats, sleeps and breathes the film and TV industry, we tend to see lots of movies. Everyone's favorite comment to make about impending parenthood is of course "Watch out, your lives are about to change! Forget about seeing any more movies!" My husband tends to get all pale when people say things like that so we're seeing as many movies as we can, while we can. Friday night we had a date at the drive-in where we saw a new Québec film called "Les Trois petits cochons" (Three Little Pigs) which was very good and last night we went to "Becoming Jane" which was so-so. I got all weepy at the end but it could easily be a renter. I wish I had brought my camera with me because we got all cleaned up to go out and we were looking pretty good!

Anyway, the other news is that it turns out that I have gestational diabetes. This happens to 3 to 5% of all pregnant women making it the most common pregnancy complication there is. Despite the scary sounding name, it just means that my body doesn't produce enough insulin to control the elevated levels of glucose in my system, so I have to help out by eating a certain way, making sure to exercise, checking my urine every morning and generally paying attention to myself. In extreme cases, some women actually have to inject themselves with insulin. In my case (which I discovered after spending the ENTIRE DAY at the Diabetes Clinic at St. Mary's hospital on Thursday), my glucose levels are actually not so bad. After redoing the blood and urine tests, meeting with nurses, seeing an endocrynologist and a dietician, it has been determined that I am actually a borderline case. I am following a special diet that has been imposed, I mean, prescribed to me this week, then I go back again on Thursday to redo all my tests and hopefully be in the clear. I'll still have to check my urine and likely watch what I eat until delivery, but in theory, I'll have one less thing to worry about.

So that's the news out here! We just did a huge grocery shop (which took forever because I have to now obsessively check the carb level in everything I buy) but I will at least have everything at my fingertips to continue my special eating plan this week. Did I mention that I have to eat six times a day? Including TWO CUPS of vegetables? And did you know that the list of vegetables that DON'T cause heartburn is very, very short?

Otherwise, the garage sale/general clean-up/baby room project continues. We will be posting our garage sale signs this week and have borrowed tables from a friend of ours. It's really more like a sidewalk sale actually. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures because I have a feeling that I myself won't believe the amount of STUFF that we'll have to get rid of. We made big strides this weekend. Not enough to post the before and after pictures, but we're getting there.

Off to have my diabetes friendly dinner!

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