Saturday, 11 August 2007

A Bunch of New Stuff (part 4) Baby Shower and Last Day

So happy that it's the weekend! It's a little humid around here today but there's no rain in the forecast. We will be spending our day continuing the great garage sale project (happening next Saturday!) and taking a break tonight to go to the hot air balloon festival and seeing the lit up hot air balloons take to the sky. We went last year for the first time and it's really something to see. I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

Anyway, back to my B.C. trip! After family lunch on Sunday, everyone headed home (or so I thought) and my Mom and I were going to the mall. My aunt Betty called and suggested I stop by their house on our way so that I could pick up some baby stuff that my cousin Rachel had hanging around. Great! I wanted to see Orin and Betty and the rest of the family anyway so we headed over for what was supposed to be a quick stop en route to Thyme Maternity. We got there and lo and behold, a baby shower was in full swing - for me! Surprise! I truly was surprised - I am really not at all the suspicious type - and thrilled. There were all kinds of people there that I hadn't seen for ages and lots of ladies that I've known for most of my life from Johnston Heights church. Jen organized us to play some games (I was hopeless at the word scramble) and do a "New Mom's Questions and Answers" kind of exercise which was super interesting! I now know what a onesie is and that honey is not good for new babies among many other useful tips.

Here are some of the photos my Mom took:

We got all kinds of adorable presents - this little girl will be very well dressed!

Gil Goudsward made this dress - a perfect baby dedication outfit if ever I saw one!

Diana made us a "cake" of diapers, books and other baby stuff...

Georgia enjoying her new curly hair...
My artist friend Sue made me this spectacular diaper bag (even lined with vinyl!) and a necklace that's just for me, not baby :)

And did I mention the food? There was a gorgeous spread of treats (thanks Brad!) and this
super cutie (and delicious) cake.
Group photo!

So that was Sunday! It was late afternoon by the time all the socializing was done and we packed up all the gifts and headed back to my Mom's. Thank you everyone for coming! thank you Orin and family for opening your home! Thank you Mom and Jen for throwing such a great party!
On to Monday... After spending one more night at my Mom's in the super deluxe guest room and having a quick visit with Julie, my friend of thirty years, I headed out to Jen's on Monday morning just in time to take Xavier to school. Then we all headed out to the park!

Next was lunch where Jen works - an excellent fish and chips place - and some time spent at home coloring and reading. We had snacktime and Jen and I packed up a big rubbermaid full of baby clothes for me to bring back to Montréal, and then I had to head out. See you guys at Christmas!

I went back to Vancouver and spent my last evening at Stanley Park at the Oklahoma performance. Dad and Jill were both there and Jaime of course was in the show. It was gorgeous warm evening and I completely enjoyed myself. Here are some pictures I took from the car as I was driving by English Bay.
The next day I did a few errands in the morning, packed up all my stuff and flew back to Montréal. I got home around 12:30 and Stéphane came to pick me up at the airport. Montréal was in the middle of a heat wave so even at that time it was pretty warm and stuffy but it was still nice to be home. So that was my trip! I got to see lots of people and spend time with my family and get spoiled a little. All that plus White Spot! I think that's the last trip I'll be taking for a while, now. It was pretty exhausting I have to say. At almost seven months pregnant, I'm thinking I'll stay in the ground for the next few months...

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Mom said...

It WAS a great visit (and baby-beneficial, too!) Glad you had a good time and I can't wait to come out in October!

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