Sunday, 8 July 2007

Yesterday I finally made strawberry jam! I haven't tried it yet but as soon as I can convince my husband to go get us some fresh croissants around the corner, I will crack the first jar...

We both had busy weeks at work so we're already a little sleepy this weekend. Yesterday we finished off the video/photo montage that we did for our friend André's 60th birthday party last night. I will post some of those photos later today. What a swanky soirée! My feet however are very sore and swollen this morning which is why I am updating my blog right now instead of going to church :)
Otherwise today we'll be continuing the baby room clean-up/clean-out project and hopefully getting some groceries otherwise we may be having strawberry jam for dinner. It's cool and rainy here today so it's perfect weather for getting things done. Or lying on the couch all day.
If anyone has tips on how to soothe sore feet, please pass them along!
I got a present from my boss actually on Friday of Clarins Energizing Emulson for Tired Legs and wow, it's amazing. She noticed that my feet and legs were starting to puff up and she really enjoyed this cream when she was pregnant so she picked some up for me. Isn't that so sweet? My problem today is really my tired tootsies so I'm looking for something along the lines of "oh, just mix some baking soda with hot water and soak your feet for fifteen minutes and you'll be good as new." Something like that.

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mom said...

Yummy!! Your jam looks so good it makes me want to forget my resolve to not be tempted by toast and jam :o(

I think I heard that epsom salts are good for puffy feet but there should be some suggestions in your "What to Expect" book, maybe?

I would love to see some before and after pic's of the office/baby room project...!

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