Monday, 2 July 2007

How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

And that's only part of it! Why are we scrubbing the brick wall outside of our window and taking pictures of our airconditioner and it's oh-so-sightly water-draining contraption? The short answer is: we have CRAZY landlords. CRAZY. They stopped in on Friday and we had a big fight with them because they don't like how we installed our air conditioner. The special funnel/plastic hose combo was a result of last year's spat when they claimed that water was streaming out of our air conditioner and ruining the brick wall and practically drowning their daughter who lives on the main floor. This year, we didn't install the plexiglass in the right spot because rain might seep into the brick via the METAL windowframe if we don't move it. Can you say paranoid delusion? Stéphane and I were both overtired from tough weeks at work and I admit, my hormones were a little out of control, so it turned into a big fight. We have been living at our place for 9 years and have been exceptional tenants so it's discouraging to be continually treated like our main goal in life to destroy their property. Their general attitude is that we should just be happy that we get to live here and therefore comply with whatever random, crackpot notion they get into their fuzzy grey heads. Like that we should not leave the hallway light on all day in case the lighting fixture gets too hot. That's my personal favorite. Especially since WE pay the electric bill! I put an end to that idea pretty quick let me tell you.

Anyway, we know that it's just not worth it to fight them on this so we took apart the whole thing, cleaned off all the tape residue, bought some TSP and Stéphane scrubbed the brick to hopefully improve that situation. Then we reattached last year's funnel/hose contraption and Stéphane had to go buy more Plexiglass plus the special Plexiglass cutting knife because no one will actually cut Plexi for you. Now we know why! It's a totally maddening, frustrating, inexact procedure! I enjoyed the part where I got to squeeze clear caulking over everything to make sure none of that evil rain would get in and after spending at least 10 hours on the whole thing, we finally finished at around 5 today. What a way to spend a weekend! Not just doing the work but feeling resentful towards our landlords for being such jerks in general.

ANYWAY, besides all that we had a lovely BBQ dinner last night at Julie and Joyce's. I brought my camera and completely forgot to take pictures. My contribution was to bring rhubarb crisp and I have to say it was delish! I also found time to get a much-needed massage (thanks Julie!) and Stéphane helped our friend Eric move to his new condo. I have everything I need to make delicious Quebec strawberry freezer jam but I chose to update my blog instead :)

BABY NEWS: Last Wednesday night while lounging around watching TV I was really feeling the little kiddo moving around so I put Stéphane's hand on my tummy and he felt her! Then we saw my tummy move - twice! Very trippy. I took this picture:`

I'm 25 weeks along - only 15 more to go!

Well, time to get to bed. I'm turning 33 tomorrow and after this weekend, I really need to get a lot of sleep!

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Bari said...

That air conditioner nonsense is crazy! I can't believe it continues every year, you must dread the start of summer.
The photo of Stephane hanging out the window scrubbing the brick (!) is priceless though.

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