Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

So I turned 33 yesterday and really enjoyed my day! I got a bagels and OJ celebration at work in the morning, (instead of an afternoon cocktail - quite appropriate given my mommy-to-be state) went out for delicious Indian food lunch with my colleagues at work then dinner with friends in the evening. Stéphane also sent me these gorgeous flowers:

Here I am with my pals Paola, Joyce and Julie. Julie is also my massage therapist - I've mentioned her and her talent on this blog before. I was spoiled with lots of great gifts from these girls. My husband would like me to also say that this photo is out of focus because it was taken without a flash and it's not his fault that it's blurry.

Here we are with our friends Pierre and Ariel who brought me a gift certificate for Indigo. More baby books?
Yet another tummy picture:
I also got lots of lovely phonecalls and emails including ones from my best pals Julie and Julie (one on each coast) and was sung to no less than four times! My Dad's "French" version of Happy Birthday is pretty priceless.
Just got back from seeing "Transformers" and I have to say that it's a really great movie! We both highly recommend it - something that happens rarely... Good for kids and big kids that remember playing with Transformers!
One other thing I did today was to speak to the Rental Board and go through some of the things our crazy landlords said to us on Friday. Basically, we are right, they are wrong, they can't force us to do much of anything so we will be composing a very polite letter this weekend to inform them that we have reinstalled the air conditioner as per their request and won't be repainting the ceilings anytime soon. Among other things. Feels good to know that the law is on our side.
Got to get to bed! Tomorrow night I really have to make strawberry jam...

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Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you had a good night. Sorry I didn't call I had a crazy day followed by a crazy night at work. Did you get the e cards from the kids?

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