Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tummy at 23 weeks

My sister has been bugging me for more tummy pictures... They are self portraits that I took in the bedroom mirror.
I had my monthly doctor's appointment this morning and all is well. I'm not gaining too much weight (only 4 pounds this month!) and baby and I are in good health. I just love hearing the heartbeat!
So I have noticed a couple of fun things about being pregnant... One is that I have a new love of watermelon. I never have really liked it but lately I can't seem to get enough of it! It's so yummy and juicy. The other thing is that the hair on my legs seems to have stopped growing. It's great! This is part of my new resolution to enjoy my pregnancy. Luckily my hormones are cooperating so I'm so much happier these days. Plus it's so cool to feel her moving around more and more. I feel like she's doing aerobics in there!
It's a long weekend coming up here in Quebec (St. Jean Baptiste Day) and we have some fun stuff lined up. We are planning to go to the St. Jean parade on Sunday then go visit Stéphane's parents at their campsite for BBQ dinner and fireworks. Monday will be all about getting stuff organized around here. I feel like I can't buy any baby stuff until I have somewhere to put it so we (I) really want to get that going.
I'll post some pictures of our long weekend activities. Time to have a little ice cream before bed :)


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the pictures!! So cute!! My leg hair has just started growing again 11 wks after giving birth, enjoy it while you can.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness there really is a baby in there! Very cute.

PS - love the outfit from T.O., you really do look pregnant.


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