Monday, 7 January 2013

Portrait of a Family Portrait

Take one teething toddler

Add an enthusiastic five year old

Throw in some sleep-deprived parents

And this is what you get!  

Eleventy billion attempts at a family portrait.


Really no.

Alice wandered off to find some food so we grabbed this one.  Note the subtle camouflage of my child's ridiculously bruised legs.    

Trying again, now with snack.

Almost there.


 So close.  Alice apparently has a hairball.

I think we have a winner!  

Thanks again to our friend Ariel Tarr for getting some really lovely photos despite the spoiled rock star behaviour of the shortest member of the family.  

If you live in or around Montreal Ariel can do your family photos, too!  Email me if you want more info. UPDATED: Here is Ariel's website - check out her work.  All this and she's great with kids!  Not to mention parents!

Oh, and Happy New Year.  

Also, Christmas was amazing.  So much fun that I did not make any time to sit down at the computer to blog about it.  But I will.  

Wishing you all the best for 2013, readers!  


Ariel Tarr said...

Thanks Theresa! Well I don't give most families the outtakes but Stephane and Theresa are good friends. :)
I have other examples of my work here -

Theresa said...

Thanks Ariel! I added your website to my post. It looks amazing! Totally impressive.

Carolee said...

Love every one of them! They each have their particular charm and I think Ariel did a great job!

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