Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Looking Back

Instead of rushing to post my holiday pictures, I like to let them marinate for a while. You know, like a month or so.  It really lets the flavour shine through. And the flavour of Christmas 2012 was AWESOME.

These are my favourite things from this year (Fine, last year. Don't rub it in.):

Our tree was so much prettier than yours. 
Liliane's last year for daycare song pestacles *sob*
Oh look!  The Christmas turkey! Also pictured, our dinner for the 24th. 
Auntie Jaime!

This may have been the only time Stéphane and I sat down for more than 5 minutes.

Goofball central.
They are hilarious together.

Christmas cracker treasures.  The best.  

Homemade presents.  Now I KNOW I'm old.

Introducing Alice to the concept of gift opening.  

She was a quick study.

I got another make up lesson with all my new eyeshadow from my talented sister.

So much couch time.

New Year PAR-TAY!

The short one discovered colouring.

BFF Luana!
First Star Wars.

And so many more great moments!  Unfortunately it took us the entire ten days after Christmas to recover from that marathon of eating/merrymaking/drinking/presents and my camera arms were so, so tired.

It was wonderful having my Dad and sister with us.  It was not wonderful trying to get them to the airport during the storm of the century, but they eventually made it out after spending waaaay to much quality time at the airport.  

Looking back, I have to say that as much as I love going back to the west coast for the holidays, it's pretty wonderful just staying home.  The girls are entering that era of perfect, magical Christmases and I know that those years are going to be over too soon.  Le sigh.

ANYWAY!  Enough looking back, moving on to 2013! 

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Maguiresaunt said...

Love love love the "couch time" pic!

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