Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pick Up, Dust Off

Hi internet!  Remember me? Yep, still here.

All good in the Piercy Arbour house. Aaaaallll good.

Well, we have some nightime-waking-due-to-teething happening and some semi-unpleasant, very whiny bedtime behaviour going on (looking at YOU baby and 4 year old) but otherwise, we're all good.

So good that I haven't made time to document all the goodness on this here blog. A situation I would like to rectify right now.

To start, Alice asked me to share something with you:


(yes, in this house, babies speak like LOLcats, my fave):

And it's true.  I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and whined about what a drag it is to spend time making wholesome and delicious baby food only to get the "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PARENT" reaction.  But I could be reading into it.

ANYWAY in no particular order, these are all the very first-world-problem issues on my list that are keeping me busy (which you understand is a relative term when you're home with a baby all day and having a shower not to mention actually making dinner are considered achievements):

-iPhone.  My cell phone contract is up soon and I need an iPhone.  I'm doing a lot of research/shopping around at the moment because I feel like my current carrier (rhymes with CELL BANADA) is not doing it for me anymore.  Also, in order to be able to PAY for my iPhone, I've possibly gotten a little obsessed with the rest of our household budget and may or may not be thinking about getting rid of our landline. Why do we have it? Yes, I realize that if there is a zombie apocalypse, all the cell phones would go down but wouldn't phone lines go down, too?  These are the things that are ON MY MIND. I know, sad.

-Car. We are shopping around for a car.  I have also researched this to DEATH and we're buying a new car (not used, not leasing) and if you have an opinion about this, please don't share it because I CAN'T TAKE TALKING ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Going on a test drive tomorrow and if I can negotiate it down to the monthly payment I have in mind, SOLD! I'll keep you posted.

-Daycare. So far no confirmation about where Alice will go to daycare so I can go back to work.  Yeah, that.  And it's happening soon!  Soonish.  June.  I have a few options so I will be dialing up the charm/attempting to bribe my shortlist of options and hope that something works out. Fingers crossed.

-Cookware. Did you know that there is a special cleaner for your stainless steel cookware? I know, seriously. The things you learn when you have time to a) care about how your pots and pans look and b) go through the cupboard and find the cleaner that you bought 7 years ago.  OK moving on.

-Writing. Ironically, writing other stuff has been keeping me busy. As some of you know, my Dad is in the industry as well and he asked me to help get his company's social media up and running. So I made them a Facebook page and a Twitter account and I'm working on keeping those things up to date as well as updating their newly designed website which will launch in 2015 at the rate I'm going.  Also:

-Story Editing.  This is a new thing for me but Infinity is super busy with a project right now, part of which requires the delivery of a bunch of 2 minute interview clips. After a little instruction from my Dad (aka KING OF THIS KIND OF WRITING) I've been reviewing the transcripts, stringing the juicy bits together to make a story, writing narration and generally feeling like hey!  I HAZ A SKILL.

-Birthday Parties. Liliane had two back to back birthday parties last weekend which was totally fun for her but HELLO! When did the 4 year old develop a better social life than me?  That costs more money?  Nothing planned for this weekend but I'd like to make plans with another one of her friends (Manon!  Call me!) because the following weekend is booked up already.

So there you have it. That's what we're up to. Aren't you glad you asked?

Alright, here are some adorable sister pictures to make up for my rambling:

See you soon!

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