Thursday, 29 March 2012

How We Roll

Hello shiny baby.  Welcome to our life.

I hereby dub thee...  Lady Elantra.  

Protector, transporter and spacious gateway to carefree mobility.

Let's always be this happy, okay? At least until 2019 or so.  Deal?
But if your seat warmers ever stop working - WE'RE DONE.  Just kidding.

Yes dear readers, we finally bought a car.  After I spent waaaayyyy too many hours checking out car stuff online we booked a test drive with this bad girl and BAM! Done.  

For the record, I researched the used option and we even went to look at some.  But the deal at Hyundai made the whole BRAND SPANKING NEW option just as economically friendly.  Actually it was the 0% interest and big fat 7-year guarantee that tipped the scales.  Plus the fact that OH MY, WE HAVE A NEW CAR.  NEW NEW NEW.  ONLY OURS. Can you tell we've been sharing cars  maybe a little too long? Yeah, it was time to make the leap.

So there's that. 

Speaking of MOBILE, someone around here has been scooting around on her very own steam.  I tried to catch her in action yesterday.

Aaaanndndd... I'm tired now.  

OK so she didn't actually GO anywhere in these, you'll just have to take my word for it.  

In other news, I figured out a way to make mealtimes a little happier.  No more purée!  It's all about the finger food around here now.  I can sneak in a couple of spoonfuls of actual protein as long as she has plenty of DIY options on her tray.  As Stéphane sighed when I pointed this out: Oh great, another INDEPENDENCE OR DIE kid.  

Yeah, sorry about that.  

But look how cute she is? 

In other news, I've already skipped one of my cardio stroller workouts.  In my defense, IT WAS SNOWING.  I did go to the very first class on Monday and froze my bee-hind off because it was so crazy windy.  But I went! Props to me! 

In related news, I made this recipe for the first time last weekend.  I brought it over to our friends' house for dessert and once I tasted it, I promptly tried to give as much of it away as possible.  Otherwise HELLO - welcome to my week of eating nothing but chocolate cake! (A.k.a. PMS Daily Special).  In fact, it's very hard for me to not put it on the menu for brunch this weekend.  What!?  I'm sure it would be perfect with quiche. 

I may be a little obsessed with this cake because after much reflection (I managed to eat a lot of pieces in the end.  Sigh.) I realized that the icing reminds me of the chocolate glaze you would get on an eclair or a chocolate donut.  Wow, now my food shame is really on display.  Hi!  I'm crazy!  Man, I better get to cardio next week.

Sorry, no pictures of Liliane this week but she is good. Really really looking forward to Easter (thanks a lot, daycare! Talking it up for 4 weeks really helps with expectations!) but so are we.  She is currently on a Mary Poppins kick (Mary Pop!).  Unfortunately she learned the chorus of "I'm Sexy and I Know It" from a friend and sings it daily like "I'm Sesseek and I Know It" despite my repeated warnings to PLEASE NOT SING THAT ANYMORE.  Also, try explaining sexy to a 4 year old.  Not so successful.  For grownups! Not for you! YOU ARE NOT SEXY.   We suggested that she sing "I'm Lili and I know it" or "I'm silly and I know it" but no go.  She much prefers making my hair turn grey.  Yeah. Help.

How are YOU?

PS - I've had a few stalkers come out of the closet lately... Welcome! Thanks for reading! Once you leave a comment, you are officially no longer a stalker.  Just sayin' :)



Vanessa Z. said...

Sweet ride! We looked at the same car a couple years back and ALMOST bought the same one... but we ended up with a used Toyota Matrix. Love the pictures of Alice too... what a cutie!

Annabelle said...

OH! The Sexy song came to our house by our 6 year old too this week! Same reaction as you. STOP IT! (plus trying to explain!!!) Then it was Star Académie (which we don't even listen to) - that's a bit better.

Charlie and Sam's Mommy - Deanna said...

search You tube for the Elmo version of the song..."I'm Elmo and I know it!" yes annoying...BUT easier to explain!!! both of my break out into song with the Elmo version all the time!!!

Nice new ride by the way!


Charlie and Sam's Mommy - Deanna said...

look for the "elmo and I know it" video on you tube! kinda annoying...but maybe easier to explain that "sexy!" haha!

sweet new ride - by the way!

Theresa said...

@Deanna - thank you so much! That is a great idea. Will try today. @Annabelle - glad to hear that it's not just us!

auntie b said...

Yay car! Yay road trips to NYC! I think sharing cars with strangers for the past few years earned you that fancy new ride for sure. Enjoy it! In NY! When you drive it here to visit us!

Jonathan said...


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