Monday, 26 September 2011

Seven Years, No Itch.

It was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday and I seriously feel like it was the best celebration we've had since the big day. I don't know why, but it was a kinda perfect. Kids and all.

We swapped fancy dinner out for brunch and thanks to Julie and Joyce (and particularly BFF Rosie), we went just the two of us while Alice politely slept through the whole thing.

Of course we talked about Liliane's birthday plans the whole time, but still! It was uninterrupted conversation! 

Afterwards we strolled along Park avenue and picked up a few things for dinner including a splurge bottle of Amarone for the occasion and soaked up the early fall sunshine.

After reluctantly leaving our friends and their lovely backyard (including an actual vegetable garden from which I scored BEETS, RIGHT FROM THE GROUND) we skipped off to the park.

I brought the camera because hey, this blog isn't going to write itself...

Our park view - so urban, so Montreal.

I love these crazy blue, super blue flowers. Name? No idea. But I love them.

Then of course Mr. Fancypants had to outdo me with his iphone and Instagram...

 Sigh. Gorgeous.

Anniversary dinner? BBQ mini burgers, green bean salad and Amarone.  With apple crisp for dessert.  Ha! We barely made a dent in our bounty from last week but I have a mind to make apple pie this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sorry for the lack of Alice photos, I'll get on that for the next post.  She is almost 12 pounds now and still sleeping like a champ.  Which means that I'm sleeping well and surprise! Life is beautiful :)

Don't worry, I'm sure teething will be a nightmare. Or something. But so far, so good.

I had my last appointment with my OB/GYN this week. She checked to make sure that I'm all healed up (I am), I weighed myself (35 pounds down, eighty bajillion to go) and generally wrapped up that whole part of my life.

You know what's weird? This time around I have total nostalgia for childbearing, even childbirthing.  But I'm looking forward to all the fun stuff to come now that our little family is complete.

You hear me ovaries? COMPLETE. DUNZO. NO MORE. So please stop calling me.

 Because I'm pretty sure it can't get much better than this.


Jennifer said...

Aww what a nice day!!
Happy Anniversary you two!!

Shawna said...

Sounds & looks like the perfect day! Happy 7 years {& yay to no itch :)}

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