Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Not Eating Deep Fried Butter Plus Alice is 6 Weeks

We hit the Brome Fair on Sunday and despite my craving for artery-clogging fair food, I managed to get by only eating one hot dog, one fried-onion-smothered cheeseburger and a bag of mini donuts. Even *I* would have trouble rationalizing funnel cakes as an acceptable snack even though I'm BREASTFEEDING and always SO HUNGRY.

My reward? As I type this, I am wearing my REGULAR, PRE-PREGNANCY, NON-MATERNITY JEANS.

Not a single elastic panel in sight. BOOYAH!

Anyway, I know you're not here for me, let's just get to the pictures already:

I believe I was promised a corn dog?

She loved the fair, mainly because when it got dark there were lots and lots of lights for her to be all mesmerized at.

Photos courtesy of my husband and his newfound love of Instagram:

Otherwise, we're all doing well aside from a little thrush that Alice and I are working on getting rid of.

Alice at six weeks is a smiley package of chubby yumminess. She is spending more and more time being awake and goggling at whatever is around her. Lots of oooh and aaahhs.

Her most favourite person is still her big sister:

Although Stéphane and I have both been treated to a grin or two.

Her sleeping patterns are pretty clear at the moment and (attention: I have turned into that annoying mother re: sleeping through the night) this weekend we got three nights of 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep. HELLO - what? Maybe I dreamed that whole giving birth thing and she is actually adopted.

Ha ha - oh right. I haven't shared the story yet! It's on my list, I promise.

Still not ready for the end of summer, but fall IS a great time of year (she said begrudgingly). Although now that I have jeans to wear, I'm not dreading it so much :)

How are you all doing with back to school/summer's end?


Jennifer said...

The one good thing about thrush is the BEAUTIFUL colour of the medicine right? Almost makes it worth it right? ;-)
Fair looked fun! And kids are adorable as always :-)
Yay fall!!

lyssa said...

Beautiful girls! And look at you go - 6 weeks post birthing and you are in your REGULAR jeans?? So awesome!

Shawna said...

YaY for Alice!!! Congratulations, she's a beauty! And you look fabby as do the other VIP in your family! XoXo

Jennifer said...

I heard a rumour on facebook you were writing a blog post...I keep checking but ? :-)

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