Thursday, 11 March 2010

Chicks Rule!

Hello from Princess Land!

We've been pretty busy around here.

Working on our twirly skirt dance moves.

Learning how to use our new magic wand.

Organizing our royal accessories.

And generally being ADORABLE. Is that part of the princess deal? Apparently.

This ultra girly moment has been brought to you by our dear friends Eric and Tina. They brought the princess gear over when they visited back in January. Now instead of being a plain and simple li'l dictator, she's a mostly benevolent, satin-clad dictator. With a crown.

Truth be told, Liliane's true love these days is this character:

Not your Mama's Tinkerbell! Modern Tinkerbell is articulate and HANDY. She's a TINKER! She DOES THINGS! I only remember the original Tinkerbell sort of stomping her feet angrily whenever Peter Pan was ignoring her. Not anymore. We have been watching the Tinkerbell movie pretty much everyday for the last few weeks and I have to say that it's pretty cute. Plus there are fat fairies in Neverland. Curvy fairies who are beautiful! And smart! And successful! Bravo Disney, bravo.

Speaking of bravo, what about that Kathryn Bigelow!? The first ever Best Director Oscar was awarded to a woman in 2010. Hard to belive. And what a well-deserved win. The Hurt Locker is an excellent, excellent movie. Can't wait to see what she'll do next.

Speaking of movies (ooh, what clever segues, NOT) I've been just a little busy at work lately. You see, the preparation for shooting a film is as stressful as the shoot itself in many ways. And the only thing bigger than the prep and the shoot is the FINANCING. Which is what we're locking up right now.

But you might say: "hey! you're fully financed! what's the problem?" It's the crushing, neverending load of PAPERWORK that comes with all those blithe and cheery committment letters. Hey, we love your project, we'd love to give you some money! But before you see a nickel, please provide us with all the items on this 18 page list. No, it's not a scavenger hunt, it's a SERIOUS DOCUMENT to be taken SERIOUSLY. If we ask you the size of your underwear, we expect you to hand over that information. On an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper in 12 point font. Times New Roman. DO NOT USE ARIAL. WE ARE SERIOUS.

I kid.

Sort of. But think about it for a minute. Big chunks of Canadian film financing come from the government. So imagine doing your taxes... times about a bazillion.

No, really. It just SEEMS random and ridiculous because there's just so much of it, but it's all coming together. Official prep starts on Monday and the tidal wave of documents should start to recede in the next few weeks. It's actually really exciting once you get to this point. And it's the first film I've done since having a baby so it's been fun to flex those muscles again.

OK, time to end random babbling and rest up for another day of glitz and glamour at the photocopier. As Liliane would say "Et... voilà! Terminé!"


Vanessa Zacharias said...

Love the princess attire!! I hope that I can have a little girl to watch Tinkerbell movies and dress up... Logan doesn't appreciate it quite like a little lady would :o)

PS -- You should blog more, I like it!

Carolee said...

So pretty! The fourth picture is so you at that age!

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