Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Post That Ate Christmas

Hello? *tap tap* Can you hear me?

My mother can't decide which photos to post of our awesome family brunch on Saturday so hope you have some time on your hands! Or good scrolling fingers!

Yep, thanks li'l dictator, they're used to my photo-heavy posts. Right?

Let me set the scene. Yesterday we hosted a brunch with Stéphane's family for a 3-in-1 event: a Stéphane's birthday/housewarming/Christmas celebration! His parents came as well of two of his sisters and their partners. Plus this guy, Liliane's cousin:

Let's start with the food.

Brown sugar bacon baked in the oven is my new lover. Stéphane understands, it's all good.

Me and my two sisters-in-law. Aren't they lovely? Have you ever seen a worse picture of me? (Don't answer that.)

Stéphane's Mom, Denise. She thinks she can't take a good picture. Ha!

Nathalie and her kiddo Jonathan. They got up REALLY EARLY and drove in from from Ottawa just for the occasion.

Stéphane's Dad Maurice and BIL Christian. Two more men with lifetime spots in Liliane's Top 5.

There were lots of hugs and kisses:

And presents! She was delighted by every single thing she received.

Nathalie, Christian and Jonathan brought her a kitchen that she was crazy about from the moment she laid eyes on it.

Some assembly was required so Stéphane got out the screwdriver and with the help of pretty much all of our guests, put it together:

While that was going on the rest of us kept busy with her other booty:

And eating.

Still putting it together...

Two hours later, success!


And now for something different... more pictures! Since we'll be in Vancouver for Christmas, we did our prezzies this morning:

She is seriously excited by every single present.

See what I mean?

I wonder where she gets it?

And that my friends is the end of this post. I will only add that we are leaving for B.C. in 36 hours and although we started packing, the to do list just seems to get longer! Also Liliane had a mysterious midnight barf last night so not sure what's up there. She was fine today, no fever or anything but my sickie senses are tingling. Plus of course Stéphane and I are each fighting colds. but so far we're winning.

Can't wait to get back to the west coast and eat my Mom’s lemon shortbread see all the family!

Hope your Christmas prep is going well. Say it with me: SIMPLE IS GOOD.

Back soon! Merry Christmas!

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Vanessa Zacharias said...

Holy skookum kitchen Batman! That is like the Mercedes of kitchen sets... the kind that will never leave you with a bored child. Looking forward to seeing you out here soon!!

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