Friday, 18 September 2009

What Happens in Gatineau Doesn't Always STAY in Gatineau...

Liliane spent the weekend with her godparents (a.k.a. her most favourite people EVER) and while she was away THIS happened:

Translation note: (To- towch is Lili-speak for Toy Story)

I take some responsibility since we showed our baby Toy Story recently and have allowed her to watch it every day when we get home from daycare.

Stéphane is traumatized because she looks like a boy in her Buzz outfit. I think it's pretty hilarious but I think the next movie will be a little more... princessy. Hello gender stereotype! Welcome to our house! Make yourself at home!

I have SO MUCH to blog about and this is all I could come up with for today. I'm still recovering from spending 5 days at the Toronto film festival (and away from my kiddo which was WAY HARDER than I thought) and besides I have a John Hughes documentary to watch.

Plus it's the countdown to Liliane's 2nd birthday/housewarming party! It's a downhill slide until Christmas, people.


Vanessa Zacharias said...

I love you!! We ALSO watch Toy Story (1 or 2, more recently 2) at exactly 1:00pm everyday! It is nice to know that someone else is too!

Carolee said...

So cute! It's like deja vu all over again. Glad she had a nice time there so YOU could have a nice time!

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