Friday, 25 September 2009

Five Years

September 25, 2004

After a week of typical Vancouver drizzle the skies cleared up two days before the wedding, just in time for our rehearsal. It stayed beautiful all weekend long.

I spent my last night being single at my grandparents, the same house where I took my first steps, where I have a multitide of happy memories. My family promised to take care of anything left on my To Do list and I banished Bridezilla for good. My only job that day was to practice my vows (which we were doing in French) and to look pretty.

That's me with my Grandpa. He got me to the church on time in his fancy Cadillac.

My cousin Cari did our hair and make-up. I was so in love with that bouquet.

And the deed is done!

Our sunset.

Two days later we skipped off to honeymoon in Hawaii.

Man, even my FINGERS were skinnier. Sigh.

Who ARE those people? Where are the dark circles and white hairs and arm jiggles? Oh yeah, we had a life before we were parents! We were pretty!

Thinking back to that day, I can't remember a lot about the details. What lingers is gratitude for how our friends and family really made it spectacular. From my parents to my siblings to my Auntie Jean and Uncle Ray (who are celebrating their 35th anniversary this month!) to my Uncle Orin and Aunt Betty who made me cry for the first time on my wedding day when they delivered all the wedding flowers to Stéphane's family and our friends who travelled all the way from Montréal to my all-time best friend Julie (33 years of friendship and counting)
who brought me my something blue. Everything went smoothly, it was exactly the day we hoped for.
Fast forward to 5 years later. Older, wiser (?), greyer, parents. I look back now and think about what a gift it was to have had the luxury to devote so much time planning an event that was all about US. Just the two of us. I highly recommend it :)
So we are both home from work today and although I'm still in PJs, the plan is to go see the new Coco Chanel film and splash out on lunch. Simple yes, but for where we are right now (broke and sleep deprived), it's perfect.
Happy Friday everyone!


maguiresaunt said...

Happy anniversary Theresa! (Oh, and Stephane too!). :o)

susan said...

Happy Anniversary!! You looked (and do still look!) beautiful!!

Tara said...

Except for the hair tendrils and lipstick, you look like the very same hot mama! Only now you're also a hot mama! Happy anniversary to you both! My present to you is that I'm really doing this multi-platform, internet octopus thing, see?
T. (the other) xo

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! Of course, we always think of you, because the day before is what we consider the anniversary of Eric and I deciding to become a couple. So happy 5 years, and wishing you many, many more to come! :c)

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