Wednesday, 27 February 2013

You've Got Mail

The day started with her teacher handing her an envelope.  A sealed envelope with her name on it.

Immediate excitement, eyes wide.  "What IS DIS?" In English.  

An invitation to a fellow Panda's birthday party.  But she didn't want to open it.

"I will look it tonight with you and Alice and Papa," she declared and then placed the envelope carefully in her cubby.


That afternoon on the way home, nothing but chatter about the party.   All the Pandas were invited. But not everyone got their invitation yet.  The birthday boy likes trucks so we should get him a truck.

She brought the envelope inside and put it on the table.  Me, casual.  "So, should we open it?"

"NO Maman."  Sternly.  "We have to wait for Papa."

I raised my eyebrows.  "Well, maybe he won't mind - "

"NO.  I don't want him to MISS it."

This is not her first birthday party invitation or anything, but the big, sealed envelope put this invite in a class above the rest.

After dinner we cleaned off the table and obediently gathered around Liliane's chair.  First, a squeal of delight at seeing her classmate's picture on the front.  This means that the invitation is now lovingly perched atop all her other treasures on the bookshelf beside the bed.  She sometimes talks to it.

Once I read her all the information, she took the card back and smiled.  Maman, I LOVE DIS.

Let it be known that my oldest child has a profound sense of occasion not to mention a heartfelt love of stationary.

I love that.


Tina Lavoie said...

That's very sweet. Family is obviously so very important to her -- you all being together. That kind of excitement is one of the things that makes having children so rewarding.

Carolee said...

So precious! That girl's got her priorities straight.

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