Monday, 24 October 2011

Portrait of a Preschooler on Her Birthday

A friend of ours with two older girls (and veteran of the under-10 girlie birthday party scene) tactfully suggested a gymnastics party for Liliane this year.  Pfftt, my kid? Run around and bounce off the walls with her friends? What makes you think she would like that instead of, you know, painting or making jewelry?

Oh, right. She's actually MET HER.

Man, they had a good time.

And so did the parents knowing their kids were going to sleep well that night getting lots of healthy exercise!

It was her first birthday party with friends from daycare (and of course her besties Luana and Rosie were there and they fit in brilliantly with everybody). 

At the top of her invite list was pal Amine who has been in the same group at daycare with her for the last two years.

Stéphane is already eyeing him with suspicion.

After the gymnastics part, we gathered in the party room for presents and cake.

I had very specific instructions to please make chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.

I was also permitted to make some white cupcakes for people who don't like chocolate. 

Note for next year: a mob of preschoolers hopped up on icing is a force to be reckoned with when giving out balloons. 

And yes, she slept like a log.

Alice pretty much slept through the whole thing, thanks to my friend Manon. I just handed my snuggly little bundle over and didn't see her for much of the afternoon. 

In case you forgot what she looked like, here are a couple of shots of our hectic and busy life, hangin' on the couch.

Yep, all good.

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Carolee said...

What a fun day! She's so cute and no wonder she slept so well. And what a sweet pumpkin in that last pic!

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