Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sweaty, Happy

I did my last summer session of Cardio Plein Air tonight and I just wanted to share that with you three all. Out of a possible 20 classes, I made it to 11. In my defense, I missed at least 5 due to either insane heatwave or thunder/lightning storms. And last week I skipped one because I wiped out in the middle of the crosswalk and actually hurt myself. Like "limp all the way to the closest taxi with tears and everything" kind of hurt myself. I think it was mostly my pride, but it was a no-brainer to skip the sweat and head for the bath.

Speaking of pride, there was only one other hardy soul working out with me tonight (it's like 30-something degrees here right now with 1500% humidity - ugh) so it hit me with painful clarity that what we do looks a lot like something out of Monty Python's silly walks. When there is a group of 10 of us, it looks a little more official. Cool, even. With just two, well, let's just say that the people of Jarry Park had a good chuckle tonight.

My favourite, favourite part of doing the class? Being outside. Being outside in a PARK where it's green and fresh and full of people doing fun, outdoorsy stuff. I love focusing on the soccer game in the distance as my triceps wobble. I love doing push ups on the bleachers. I love brushing grass off my legs and swatting bugs. I really love lying under a tree while stretching and looking up into the leaves. When was the last time you did that? It's not something that happens a lot in my everyday life (we lack a backyard, le sigh) so I soaked it up.

In fact, I haven't exercised outside like that since PE class in high school. So maybe there is some nostalgia thrown in there? And man, on a related tangent, why the heck did we complain so much about gym class? What's not to love about an entire hour of school devoted to MOVING YER BUTT, essentially playing outside?

Suspicious symptom #39 of aging - ranting about how the young kids don't appreciate PE class.

The good news is, I already signed up for the fall. Also, adorable, peppy Ralph will again be my instructor. The bad news is, IT WILL BE THE FALL. Eventually cold, wet, rainy, snowy, windy FALL. We'll see how poetic I'm feeling in November.

Anyway, all this to say that I'm so happy to have exercise back in my life. My hormones are happy, too. As happy as evil soul-munching goblins can be of course.

So, here's something wacky about Quebec: kids are already back in school! In August! As a born and raised B.C. girl, I just can't get my brain wrapped around that. Yes, they finish earlier, but STILL. Isn't that the whole point of Labour Day? One last long weekend before routine sets in? I'm telling you, this whole distinct society thing isn't always as fancy as it sounds.

ANYWAY, this back-to-school time is knowns as "la rentrée" which literally means to come back inside. People take time off work to get their kids organized for "la rentrée," pools close because now it's "la rentrée", newspapers carry articles about first day of school, lunch box recipes, etc. I bring all of this up not just to ramble (although that may be Suspicious Sign of Aging #40), but to say that what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this time of year is that... I don't have to go back to school! Oh, and we're going on vacation... in September! Somewhere hot and summery! So suck it FALL, I'm not done with summer yet.


Vanessa Z. said...

Oh how you make me laugh!! :o)

Shawna said...

Love this post full of insight and truth :P

And I loveeeee when school starts, but it starting in August would be odd for me too. However most of the southern states have been in school for a week or two...crazy eh!?!?

maguiresaunt said...

I agree with Vanessa! :o)

I'm impressed that you went 11 out of 20 times. I wish my butt were that motivated. And I live in beautiful BC...where I can still be outside for at least another month. You'd think I'd manage to take advantage of it a little more! Sigh.

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