Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Santa Baby

Finally finally finally! Sorry about the lack of updates - turns out Christmas is busy... go figure.
The photo above was taken by my Father-in-law while they were babysitting last weekend. Santa with ATTITUDE.

We got this video of Liliane combining her current favourite pastimes: walking EVERYWHERE and sporting this ultra-stylish Elmo-pelt scarf. Enjoy. (No muppets were harmed in the making of this movie.)

This is how I originally started this post a good two or three weeks ago:

Kamik winter boots, size 5, good to minus 32 degrees: $40

Socks from MEC: $8

Patagonia micro-fibre long underwear ensemble: $55

MEC polar fleece tuque and mittens: $25

Keeping your baby warm and cozy when it's minus 25 degrees: PRICELESS.

It seemed ever so much wittier then. Like right after we bought all that stuff and realized that our child is way more prepared for winter than we EVER will be...

Actually, right after I took the picture of the mittens and tuque, our trusty little Cybershot slipped out of my hand and landed, lens out, on my sock foot. This terrible fall (of two feet at the most) has so destroyed our camera, it will cost me more to fix it than to simply buy a new one. Guess who will be shopping for a new Cybershot after Christmas?! Maybe I can get a pink one this time :)

We got Liliane an advent calendar that is made up of 24 tiny books that can be hung on the tree once they have been read each day. It's really adorable and since it's re-usable, I'm hoping it will be a nice tradition that we've started. You know those beloved Christmas decorations that we remember from our childhood?

Once we read the book of the day, she knows to go into the bedroom to hang it on the little tree. It's crazy cute actually.

Gratuitous photo of having fun on Papa's shoulders...

My Dad came back for another quick visit last week. His suitcase was filled with presents for Liliane which are now taking up all the space under our tree. But we're not bitter. I would like to have a photo to show you of the tree, but please people, it's only December 23rd. The paparazzi comes out tomorrow.

Anyway, Liliane got a belated birthday gift from my Auntie Jean in B.C. and we took a few photos to show her that it fits!

It's almost midnight now and luckily I'm off tomorrow, (until the 2nd! Yay!) however my Christmas Eve TO DO list is pretty long... Liliane's presents are wrapped but Stéphane's are not. Got a couple of things to cook plus I have to make sure that our sushi place will be open late enough so we can order dinner from there. Plus we cleverly did an email Christmas card again this year although I still haven't sent it out. Unless you already got it in which case, you can thank my husband for that...

Hope visions of sugarplums are dancing in your heads everyone! As a still-rookie Maman I'm learning to enjoy a simpler, scaled down version of Christmas. So what if there a few items not crossed off the list? No big deal. It's still Christmas, it's still a wonderful time of the year, you can make it as important as you want. Or not. As for me, I am reflecting on 2008 and counting my blessings.

In case I don't get a post up for another three weeks, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


mom said...
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mom said...

The video is SO cute and the pictures of her putting the little book on the tree are ADORABLE! She's so grown up all of a sudden!! Can't wait to see video of her on Christmas morning.

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