Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Flashback to Christmas... Part 1

Okay, here we go. My Christmas/B.C. trip pictures will be coming in the form of a bazillion separate entries because I am posting the photos via Picasa and it will only do four at a time... Oh well. Baby and I were supposed to go to yoga this afternoon but it's currently hailing with ice rain forecast for this afternoon which is a deal-breaker (and possible arm-breaker) for me and my clumsy west-coast feet. Since we're housebound, I'll have lots of time to finally get these pictures up!

This is Liliane with her cousin Calleigh who was also having her very first Christmas. Calleigh is 9 months old now and she took a shine to her small, juicy looking cousin from the east :)

Liliane with Grandma. She loves Grandma.

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